Top Ten Best Scooby-Doo World of Mystery Magazines

Note: I have changed my mind about some of this after rereading so I’ll update this list soon!

I got my complete set of these magazines published by DeAgostini yesterday! I couldn’t read any yesterday, but I did today. It was excellent to read them all. I finished a few minutes ago, and I really enjoyed them! Today, I’ll be doing the top ten World of Mysteries.

10. Fangs a Lot

This story was very well done, especially since there are only four pages of comic per issue with some activities, puzzles, and recipes at the end.

It’s always a good idea to have a vampire haunted some castle in Transylvania, especially when you’re doing around the world.

This vampire is roaming around scaring Scooby, Shaggy, and the rest of the gang. But mostly Scooby and Shaggy. At the ending the gang cracks the case and I didn’t guess the culprit’s motive, so that’s good!

So, this is not the very best, but still on the list.


9. Yak Attack!!

This story wasn’t the best, but, I love the monster! It’s so comical and cool at the same time.

It’s a yak riding a horse! But at the same time, it’s glowing yellow eyes make it creepy and cool.

The story was still pretty good. If it had been this story with a different monster, one that wasn’t cool, then it wouldn’t have made the top ten list.

If you like the monster though, you’ll probably be able to enjoy the story.



8. Fright Falls!

This story turned out to be great! The monster was pretty good!

Niagara Falls was a great setting, and more happened in this story than in the other waterfall location story.

Scooby and Shaggy were funny in this story! At the very ending they fell down Niagara Falls in a barrel by mistake!

It was pretty funny.



7. Double Trouble!

This story was pretty nice! The gang’s reflections come out of a mirror to attack them!

The chase through the castle was neat, and was drawn well.

The evil gang weren’t as good as the ones in What’s New, Scooby-Doo? but, the story was way better.

It would be weird to unmask yourself. But the gang did it anyway!



6. A Hot Spot of Trouble!

This story was good! The ninja was a great monster; I wish they’d have more in the TV show.

This is one of the few times the culprit isn’t the only person not seen with the monster, though it was still easy to guess.

The ninja was drawn well in the inside and the outside, which is cool.

A lot of the time, the monster is drawn super well on the outside and then is kinda a lazily drawn image on the inside, but with this, it was great!


5. Troy and Catch Me!

This story was my favorite for a long time when reading! It rained, which is always great!

It also had a good monster, though not the best. I liked the setting.

A lot of these magazines make one mistake during the comic part.

They draw frames really big and don’t have much of a story in.

This one had much smaller frames, and was able to have a story with a much better length.


4. Minotaur Madness!!

This story had one of my favorite kinds of monsters of all time… a Minotaur!

Perfectly drawn too, and the backgrounds look good on the inside.

The only issue is the ending takes up too much time, if it hadn’t lasted so long, there could have been a longer and better story.

Could have been number two if it weren’t for those meddling kids!

I mean, writers.


3. Deadwood Redwoods

This story was almost perfect. It had excellent artwork, and a good monster!

Nice plot. My favorite part is the indoor tree page. It might have been half a page or two pages, I don’t know.

Solution was easy, but it always is. Not really any other complaints about this one.

It was a perfect Scooby story, and I’ll read it again in the future for sure.

Probably several times.


2. Bridge of Frights!!

The monster doesn’t look that cool on the cover but epic once you take a look on the inside.

A lot of cool parts in this one, nice chase, and overall I liked it.

The only one out of one hundred and one I got wrong! SPOILERS!

It was Luigi’s identical twin brother, Mario!

I loved it! I’ll be reading it again in the future.



1. Creephouse Craziness!!

The double letter S at the end of the title wasn’t a typo. Oh wait, I misread the title, it’s Craziness. Now it makes sense. Oh… And as you’ve probably noticed, all titles usually have two exclamation marks.

Anyway, it’s only slightly better than Bridge of Frights, I almost put it at number two, but it has everything I want from a Scooby-Doo World of Mystery story.

It’s raining, a dark and stormy night. The gang gets a call from a mystery solving friend who’s been captured by the Creeper at an old spooky house. There, somebody begins to kidnap the gang until only Shaggy and Scooby are left to save the day.

I had gotten used to the obvious solutions by then, so it didn’t disappoint me. Plus, big bonus! This story has an extra page of comic fun, since it’s the final issue. The 101st was a Christmas special, which came out much earlier in the series and didn’t have a number.

The ending of this comic told you about a couple of different countries, as this one didn’t have a country for it. There was no recipe, but the recipes are usually based on the country so I can see why. It was sad to see the series go so quickly, but that’s pretty much my fault since I was the one who wanted to read them all in one day.

I also got a ton of unopened cards and opened ones with my collection along with two Mystery Machine tins and four folders to store the magazines. I won’t buy the extra one needed, since it was really hard to get the magazines out of the folders.

Scooby-Doo! World of Mystery the complete set was the best purchase I’ve ever made! I’d certainly recommend it. If you can’t find a complete set or aren’t sure if you’ll like it, just get a couple to start. I got 17, 18, and 9 but it took me two years to decide if I wanted a complete set. I’m glad I waited, since the other complete sets were much more expensive, and not in mint condition like these.

Also, be on the lookout for more Scooby-Doo World of Mystery posts, perhaps individual reviews or Top Ten Worst Scooby-Doo World of Mysteries.









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